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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ACG Research Talks Capex and Opex Challenges for NFV and SDN Deployments

ACG's Robert Haim business case analyst, talks with RCR Wireless News about  the telecom industry continues push towards increased reliance on software solutions using virtualization technologies such as network functions virtualization, software-defined networking and cloud platforms, questions surrounding the financial implications of the move remain.
Robert discusses a recent ACG report that shines a more critical light on the financial implications of NFV, SDN and cloud deployments. Haim talks about how telecom operators should view the capex/opex trade off in terms of NFV/SDN deployments; the importance of service innovation gains in terms of the view on costs associated with virtualization platform deployments; and the potential impact “double opex” cost issue might have on how telecom operators approach their NFV and SDN plans.

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