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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trends and Directions in Data Center Interconnect: A Survey of Optical and Packet Mode Networking Practices

This ACG Research report investigates the trends and directions that service providers are taking in the deployment of their data centers and specifically their interconnection. It provides insight into existing data center practices as well as future practices. The survey report connected directly with service providers utilizing data center interconnect equipment or planning to deploy such equipment to interconnect their data centers in the next 12 months. Respondents included Network Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, Internet Content Providers and Inter-eXchange Providers in the APAC, EMEA, NA and LAC regions. 

“We confirmed our previously held belief that the number of data centers will grow approximately 60% between now and 2019,” says Tim Doiron, principal analyst, Intelligent Network Services. “We determined that the types of products (SFF or multi-slot chassis) and desired product attributes differ based upon the service provider segment. Data center optical reach demonstrates a bimodal distribution with maxima below 30km and above 600km distances. Traffic drivers for DCI bandwidth also differ by service provider segment.”

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     Tim Doiron