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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

High IQ Networks: An ACG HotSeat Video with Juniper Networks

Ray Mota, ACG Research, and Rami Rahim, EVP/GM of the Juniper Networks Development and Innovation team, discuss the definition of a high IQ network architecture and the significance to service providers and their customers.  They recap Juniper’s recent announcement of new solutions that will help service providers automate networks, enable them to scale and dynamically create new services. The new NorthStar Network Controller is featured with use cases, as well as Juniper’s position and market differentiation on open standards.  Click here to listen.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Home Broadband, Video Usage Patterns Will Force Changes in Access, Aggregation Networks

Residential networking services and the devices we use to access them are constantly changing, usually in unanticipated ways. Video streaming, social networking, smart phones and tablets are creating new demand, displacing traditional media and threatening the foundations of the multichannel video subscription (cable, DBS and telco) industry. The new services and devices also are causing a shift in video usage from multichannel service to broadband Internet service. The shift already has made video the dominant Internet traffic source and is driving network operators to rethink their network architectures. Read more at FierceTelecom.

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