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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cisco’s Intucell Acquisition

Cisco just announced that it has acquired Intucell, maker of self-organizing network (SON) software for mobile networks. 

Intucell, a company based in Israel, makes software that lets mobile towers communicate with each other and respond to cell use overload issues by automatically adjusting the network resources to cover imbalances in real time. Cisco's purchase of Intucell is significant in that it focuses on mobility and leadership in the core.

Intucell has been targeting and building out the new and emerging market that addresses the self-optimizing network, where the technology is enabled to bring automation to the space of mobile network optimization, the RAN part of the network, as well as move the network toward the integration between the RAN and the core.This solution will enable Cisco to supply carriers with a software solution to address overloaded cell networks instead of just selling them increasingly commoditized hardware.

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