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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Business Case for Juniper Networks Virtualized Mobile Control Gateway

Juniper Networks announced its new software and services virtual Mobile Control Gateway, which enables mobile service providers to build software-defined networks (SDN). “With mobile traffic growth exploding, operators need a virtualized Mobile Packet Core for scaling capacity up and down to both increase service velocity and control costs.  Our research has validated that Juniper’s virtual Mobile Control Gateway (vMCG) has a 54 percent lower total cost of ownership over five years and the time to deploy the initial implementation is 46 percent faster than a standalone appliance-based solution.  In addition, the vMCG provides incremental capacity additions in 87 percent less time, enabling operators to address the volatility of mobile control plane traffic driven by smartphones and smartphones apps.” Dr. Ray Mota, managing partner, ACG Research.

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