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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Growth Highlights Q2 Optical Market

The total optical market was up 25 quarter over quarter and there indicators that some operators have held back their CapEx and may spend in the next two quarters.  

In 2008 Alcatel-Lucent had 21% market share and was the number 1 vendor in the optical networking market. Today, Huawei and ZTE combined have 40% of the entire optical networking market share. For the first time, Alcatel-Lucent has dropped to number 3 in overall market share (12.6%). ZTE rose to the number 2 position. 

Spending in the content provider and the enterprise spaces is floating a significant portion of the market, especially for 100G vendors and for smaller vendors that have specific equipment for content delivery or feature sets for enterprises’ low latency networks.

We are cautious about the market for the remainder of 2012 and 2013. Pricing has taken a serious toll on revenues and although discussions about new architectures to improve margin are still in the discussion phase, we are not entirely sure how much savings will occur in the optical space.

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