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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

VDI/IDV Differentiation: MokaFive

Solving the Online and Offline Problems of Disconnected Workers

BYOD/C is a hot trend that is being driven by Apple and the iPad as well as by CEOs and executives that want a seamless personal and enterprise experience on all devices. However, these experiences come with conditions; they must be supported by policies that address security issues and enterprise IT to identify unsupported devices.

Traditionally, IT controlled the devices within their enterprise environment. Now, employees are demanding and expecting connectivity to their devices. This reality has changed the role of IT and forced IT departments to consider how they address security for devices that they do not control. How can IT secure what needs to be secured while providing device independence for the users?

A relative new player in the market is MokaFive that offers a container secured by more than 90 policies that can be customized by image for each customer’s business; supports VDI on and offline productivity as well as provides new and disconnected workers from M&A for day-zero integration, contractor workers up and productive in 30 minutes and remote worker productivity.Click here to read more.

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