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Friday, February 4, 2011

ACG Research Examines the Next-Generation LSR

ACG Research examines how content providers’ requirements differ from service providers’ requirements; how a next-generation label switched router can provide benefits for both types of networks; and how new optical technologies have enabled a breakthrough and paradigm shift that now enable and significantly increase the value of converging packet and optical technologies.

With the successful penetration of smart phones and tablets, ubiquitous access to information is no longer limited to standalone and fixed devices. Thirst for more bandwidth continues to grow exponentially, and traditional service providers have approached a fork in the road. They can either become a transport utility or a value-added service provider.

While service providers work on developing service opportunities, they have realized that content delivery has morphed, creating a new infrastructure of interconnected content provider networks that are shifting traditional service providers to the side and establishing direct connections between consumers and content. This disintermediation is disrupting traditional economic models in the Internet and new players are beginning to define and reshape the networks.

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