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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ACG Reports Optical Market Up 15%

The total optical market was up 15% quarter over quarter and 9% year over year. However, anyone who'd hoped for a large increase from 2009 to 2010, will be disappointed as the entire market is still down under the 2009 totals. Reasons for the strength are due to typical quarterly upswings, but also to the reconciliation of supply chain issues that affected several companies early this year, allowing them to ship against backlog end of year.

What stands out this year is ZTE's significant growth, which came at Huawei's expense. ZTE was up 55%, and Huawei down 7%, compared to 2009. Even though ZTE's total revenues by year end were only half of Huawei's, the company clearly made a dent in Huawei's business, especially in China. This is significant in that the APAC market year over year was completely flat at $4.4 billion. That's $200 million in-country revenue that shifted from one vendor to the other.

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