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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to Arm Your Teams for a Competitive Advantage

When providers look for better performance and value from their networks they cite high availability, security, quality of service, multicast capability and comprehensive management products and services, and most vendors’ staff is very adept at positioning and pitching their products and services to address these attributes. But in these economic times with the plethora of products and services hitting the market and companies demanding more value add from vendors as well as information to assess risk, companies have to be armed with concrete and independent data about the sustainability of not only their company but also about other vendors. Companies need financial information that they use to help their clients or potential customers review risks when selecting a vendor to meet their business needs and ascertain the level of risk related to the stability of the vendor despite the vendor’s technology innovations. 

There are many financial indicators that can help your company better position your products/services, and ACG Research has compiled 15 ratios and Z scores into its new Telecom Vendor Financial Indicator service. The 12 vendors tracked have performance scores that fall into four categories: sustainability, technology, operations and marketing. The index examines standard financial ratios, validated by Wall Street, related to profitability and liquidity. We then rate the sustainability of vendors.  

Why is understanding the sustainability of vendors important to both providers and vendors? These scores as well as the back-up data allow enterprises and service providers to understand the risk level they are taking when selecting a vendor. At the other end, vendors can use the tool to better position and make a solid case for selecting them over the competitor. For both sides, there is concrete information on which to make decisions, not just the sales pitch. It can differentiate your team and company as exceptional, not just standard, another advantage in this current climate. 

For more information about ACG Research’s Telecom Vendor Financial Indicator service or to have our analyst meet with your team to discuss market trends in the industry that this service supports contact

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