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ACG Research
We focus on the Why before the What

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did you know …

In a recent interview I was asked about ACG Research and to explain our mission and what the company does.  In the course of the Q&A, I discussed the following aspects of our company:
  1. Stands for Advanced Consulting Group   
  2. Was launched in October 2009
  3. Landed its first deal with AT&T
  4. Focuses in the Service Provider space
  5. Offers quantitative and qualitative market research, business case analysis and consulting services
  6. Employs analysts that are subject matter experts in their coverage space
  7. ACG's HotSeat videos are the most viewed in the industry
  8. ACG makes is easy for you to do business with our team
  9. ACG's Capacity Index service (measures how hot SPs’ networks are) and Financial Index service (measures the risk level of vendors) are the first services of their kind in the industry
  10. ACG focuses on the Why before the What
For more about ACG Research go to our website ( or read our analysts’ insights on our blog ( Check out our free Market Impacts, articles and whitepapers at Or to speak to an analyst and find out more about the segment s/he covers and services related to the segment, contact

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