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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monetize Your Cloud: Embrane’s Virtual Network Services Platform for Service Providers Offering Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Today, providers have limited options to enable virtual network services for the cloud: traditional hardware devices or software-based virtual appliances. These choices are inadequate for delivering the benefits of the cloud – cost savings, elastic scalability and rapid provisioning and procurement. Customers of the cloud also expect a “pay for use” approach and until recently, service providers (SP) had few or no options to deliver this kind of model for network service functionality in the cloud.

Embrane offers service providers Layer 4–7 network services, which are designed for monetization of cloud installations for SPs’ enterprise and small-medium business customers. Embrane addresses three main issues: 1) delivery of new services such as site-to-site VPN for cloud; 2) revenue growth for profitability with minimal up-front investment such as paying for services after service providers sell it; and 3) customer satisfaction because they are paying for only what they use. Embrane helps SPs answer the following questions:

  • How can you offer virtual network service functionality as a service in the cloud?
  • How do you de-risk investments for you and your customers?
  • How do you migrate your customers to cloud without the upfront investment?

Embrane's Strategy
Embrane has created heleos, a distributed software platform that delivers virtual Layer 4–7 network services on demand. The platform comprises two key elements: heleos Distributed Virtual Appliances (DVAs), logical containers for deploying network services; and heleos Elastic Services Manager (ESM), the control engine for deploying and managing DVAs. With the initial launch of the platform, Embrane offers two additional services:

  • heleos-powered load balancer: Delivers server load balancing functionality optimized for web applications and the cloud
  • heleos-powered firewall/VPN: DVAs for firewall and site-to-site IPsec VPN

Embrane’s keyless licensing structure, which offers both usage-based and subscription-based pricing, delivers true differentiation.

Want to Know More?
Download ACG Research’s business deep dive, Embrane: Virtual Network Services for Cloud Infrastructures. Request more information directly from Embrane ( to begin a profitable revenue generating service based on flexible purpose-built services that are enabled for service providers’ cloud deployments.

Lauren Robinette

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