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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cloud Strategy Face Off

IBM, HP and Cisco discuss their cloud strategies with ACG Research’s analysts. How do they measure up?

Service provider (SP) companies have three choices for cloud enablement for their infrastructures: 1) Use vendors that support them with full end-to-end management of their networks; 2) base their own networks on vendors’ technologies; 3) or use a combination of both. However, before deciding on which option best supports their business models, SPs need to consider:
  • Which companies offer services for cloud enablement that target SPs who may already have NOC investments?
  • Which companies offer full cloud offers SPs can leverage in end-to-end support on their Cloud offers?
  • What do providers need to know to migrate to cloud?
ACG Research reviewed the cloud enablement strategies of IBM, HP and Cisco and details what these companies offer, the benefits and challenges of their products/services and what service providers can do to ensure successful migration to cloud.

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Lauren Robinette

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