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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Network Traffic: An ACG Survey

ACG Research recently conducted a network traffic survey to determine what type of infrastructure network operators will use to address the traffic mix on their networks. With IP services and applications continuing to drive higher bandwidth on their networks, operators are under pressure to determine which type of infrastructure best addresses their requirements.

Our survey, which we conducted with 52 operations, concluded the following:
  • Operators are at a crossroads with infrastructure choices.
  • Decisions will be made not based on bandwidth growth but on traffic type.
  • TDM services traffic is not growing.
  • IP private line traffic is growing, and IP public traffic is growing even more.
  • This survey shows that in five years operators expect the predominant traffic on their networks to shift to IP.
The vast majority of operators still have a significant amount of TDM traffic on their networks, and they must decide 1) what type of infrastructure they should invest in; 2) determine how quickly the TDM traffic will decrease; and 3) assess how rapidly IP traffic will grow.

Although we do not have a definitive answer today, we can clearly see what operators are planning for traffic changes in the future. What they will deploy for infrastructure will most likely be determined in this next year to 18 months.

To download the survey results, click here.

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