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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huawei Symantec Set to Shake up Data Center Market

Huawei/Symantec just announced at it 2011 Partner Summit their entry into the Ethernet switching/routing market. Providing a full suite of products from low-end SMB switches to high-end performance, density 1/10G chassis, Huawei/Symantec is positioning itself as an Ethernet competitor to Cisco, HP and Juniper. Leveraging its security and storage products, Huawei/Symantec is rolling out a high powered Terabit switch/router chassis and top-of-rack 1G and 10G switches to complement the data center switches. Huawei/Symantec, through the extensive development capabilities of Huawei, can claim the number 2 position with over 4 million units and 2 billion ports shipped to over 10,000 enterprise customers.

The S9300 is a high-end terabit routing switch developed by Huawei for the service-focused network. The intelligent multilayer switching technology provides intelligent service optimization methods such as traffic analysis, comprehensive QoS policies, controllable multicast, and integrated security guarantee to high-performance L2/L3 switching services. In addition, it features super high extensibility and reliability.

The S9300 is geared for WANs, MANs, campus networks, as well as the core layer and aggregation layer of data centers to help enterprises build an application-oriented network. It integrates the switching and routing functions to build an end-to-end integrated network. The suite features three models: S9303, S9306, and S9312. Their switching capacity and port density can be expanded indefinitely. The three models use universal modules and components. This not only ensures the extensibility of the equipment, but also protects the investments of carriers. In addition, the S9300 adopts various innovative energy saving technologies, which greatly reduce the energy consumption and noise of the equipment without affecting the performance and stability of the system.

The S6300 series 10 gigabit switch is a 40 port Ethernet switch that can provide top of rack capabilities in the data center. This is an ideal switch that complements Huawei/Symantec’s storage efforts in the entertainment, media and high-performance computing market. This 1U fixed configuration provides low latency, high performance with dual power capabilities.

S5300 series gigabit switches are new-generation Ethernet gigabit switches developed by Huawei to meet the requirements for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet multiservice convergence, providing powerful Ethernet functions for carriers and enterprise customers. Based on the new-generation high-performance hardware and Huawei’s versatile routing platform (VRP) software, the S5300 features 1U fixed configuration of either 24 or 48 ports gigabit Ethernet with interface choices of copper or fiber ports. 1G and 10G uplink options come in either copper or fiber options or unique combo cards. Stacking is also supported for this family of products. The S5300 series are classified into SI (standard) and EI (enhanced) models. The S5300 of the SI version supports Layer 2 functions and basic Layer 3 functions, and the S5300 of the EI version supports complicated routing protocols and rich service features.

The partner community was very enthusiastic about the Ethernet switching announcement. I am sure the rest of the industry will be closely watching the developments from Huawei/Symantec.

Marshall Bartoszek

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