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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Business Case for Cisco Intelligent WAN

ACG Research analyzed four approaches to replacing all or some MPLS VPN WAN services with business broadband Internet services without compromising network availability. It found service cost savings of 34 percent to 81 percent, project payback of five to 11 months, and return on investment of 199 percent to 1,220 percent for three years of monthly cash flows. Network downtime can be reduced by 79 percent by adding a second router at each branch. This does not affect monthly savings but it doubles project payback; none-the-less ROI is 279 percent when dual broadband services are used. IWAN also greatly increases bandwidth utilization by making both bandwidth paths active simultaneously. In addition, IWAN offers features to support secure direct Internet access, where guest access or Software-as-a-Service can be automatically offloaded to the Internet. This eliminates the costly and performance diminishing practice of backhauling Internet traffic to the data center. Also, throughput and application performance are enhanced through application-specific optimization capabilities.

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