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Monday, April 22, 2013

Increases in Total Worldwide Service Provider Carrier Router-Switch Market Projected

The Total Worldwide Service Provider Carrier Router-Switch market is projected to moderately increase from $11.7B to $15.1B by 2018. From a regional perspective, APAC and the Americas, respectively, will lead the growth as carriers respond to increases in data traffic, big data, virtualization, software-defined networking and the unrelenting demand for innovative and intelligent applications and services. The projected five-year growth will be strongest (in order of growth) in APAC (CAGR +6.4%), Americas (CAGR +4.9%), and EMEA (CAGR +4.9%). ACG anticipates that the total router and switching market will increase 4.6% in 2013 as well as increase in each successive year. 

In spite of challenges facing global economies, the emphasis on new and innovative services will instigate a significant shift in networking. Cloud services and machine-to-machine connectivity, which have redefined the way applications run on the network, exposing their underlying limitations, have contributed to the explosion of inter-data center traffic. The long-term demand for high-performance and innovative networks/architectures that address inter-connected data centers will increase in momentum. 

In the next five years service providers will continue to focus on monetizing emerging opportunities, which will require networks that enable them to accelerate service innovation, scale services, and expand the customers’ experiences all within a viable economic framework. Service providers are looking at vendors’ solutions that provide a single operating system, operational simplicity and a platform with the highest possible scale across bandwidth, subscribers, and services. 

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