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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Juniper’s Response to New Service Provider Economics

Today’s networks are all about optimizing performance and realizing maximum revenue. Service providers need products and services that decrease complexity and integrate services on one platform.  Juniper answers SPs’ request with its Network Optimization Services portfolio.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with both providers and vendors during the past few months, and unanimously, they have told me that networks and monetizing them is their number one priority. This is no surprise, especially with core network traffic growing in excess of 50 percent per year and new services such as content-rich digital media, cloud and mobile placing new requirements on the network. Services and products, consequently, must scale rapidly and meet demanding network performance objectives with the lowest possible total cost of ownership and maximum ARPU.

Vendors have been responding to meet market requirements and during the last few months have announced a number of new products and services that meet SPs’ performance requirements. The most recent comes from Juniper. With its Network Optimization Services offering, Juniper has consolidated services on the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router and one operating system, Junos®.  This consolidation supports service providers’ business goals by significantly lowering the cost to implement and operate the network and by improving return on network and service investments (to download Dr. Michael Kennedy's TCO, click 

I had the opportunity to put Mike Marcellin, SVP, Juniper, in the HotSeat and talk about the MX 2020, the most recent addition to the MX family, and Juniper’s Network Optimization Services.  The following gives you a quick view of the financial benefits of Juniper’s Network Optimization Services:

According to Mike, the MX “not only produces positive economics, it also offers investment protection.”  To find out how and why, listen to Ray Mota and Mike Marcellin discuss how service providers can use their networks to drive revenue. Click here for the HotSeat.

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