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Thursday, July 26, 2012

CTO Telecom Summit

Interested in how the mobile transformation is currently affecting the telecom industry? Then join Ray Mota at CTO Telecom Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, September 16-18.

Ray will deliver opening and closing remarks and moderate a panel, CTO Executive Visions, Next Generation Analysis: Big Data Promise or Pipe Dream? Ray will discuss Big Data topics that relate to the end-user. He will also moderate a pre-conference Exclusive CTO Think Tank panel alongside Andy Baer, former CIO of Comcast Cable and Graphene Consulting.

Why should you attend?  It's your opportunity to network with leaders in the industry, exchange ideas, make new business contacts, engage in what is certain to be lively discussions, attend interactive, in-depth education sessions and learn about new technology solutions.

For more information about the agenda click here.  

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