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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Business Case for the Cisco ASR 5500 Solution

ACG Research analyzed the total cost of ownership (TCO) of meeting requirements for scale and flexibility in the mobile multimedia core for the Cisco ASR 5500 and a leading competitor’s solution. The analysis found that the ASR 5500 solution has 47% lower five-year cumulative TCO than the competitor’s solution; CapEx is 51% and OpEx is 32% lower. LTE deployments are ramping up, and many vendors have been talking up their mobile packet core expertise and preparing their next-gen platforms. This TCO analyzes why the Cisco ASR 5500 solution is a compelling product. Read more.

For more on the ASR 5500 solution watch the ACG Cisco ASR 5500 HotSeat video featuring Chris Nicoll and Tony Schoener discussing how the mobile network requires a new approach to handling signaling and data loads and the how the Cisco ASR 5500, which is a purpose-built platform, uniquely solves the problems of 4G networks.

Michael Kennedy

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