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Thursday, April 12, 2012

CloudSigma: Tackling the Big Data Challenge

Lauren Robinette recently talked with Robert Jenkins, co-founder and CTO of of CloudSigma, about its CloudSigma on demand utility platform, which is a unique utility cloud that is generating a buzz within the media/entertainment and other markets.

CloudSigma offers utility cloud hosting just like RackSpace and Amazon do, but CloudSigma does it with any operating system and has the flexibility to scale as needed. Best of all — some would say — the platform has a transparent cost structure, which can be accessed on the company’s website

The CloudSigma platform is a true Infrastructure as a Service product that enables outstanding performance for applications, such as storage, and delivers the flexibility via easy configuration to address different workloads. For example, the system can offer a different experience for various types of workloads: storage for SSD at the core, object storage for high performance jobs, and I/O intensive jobs.

Consider the workflow of processing and transferring of large files in the movie production industry. Today, shipping via mail of the large files for each production step takes time, and if there is an error, must be redone. With the Big Media System, which is an ecosystem built on the CloudSigma platform, users upload huge amount of data into the cloud, leverage processing functions in the cloud and provide the link for other personnel to access and address the next tasks of the workflow. The benefits of this system are immediate: faster access at less of a cost.

This system is also not limited to the media industry; it can be utilized by verticals such as financial, medical and scientific institutions. For example, an insurance company can publish data that allows changes in the pricing of policies based on traffic and where accidents happen. This type of public data can be used to create an asset that then is monetized to create a new product. Another benefit, as users’ behavior adapt, will be the increase in turnaround for iteration cycles and byproducts that require more processing. This is similar to what Google did when it improved the quality of searching, which, in turn, created changes in consumers’ behavior.

CloudSigma offers a white label to providers or the brand can be leveraged by CloudSigma providers. A partnership with CloudSigma allows providers to develop a new cloud resource, public and private clouds that target the big data industry, which reduces time to market. As Robert Jenkins succinctly stated, “It’s like selling gold pans to miners.”

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