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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ericsson Smart Services Router: Scaling the Control Plane

Network bandwidth usage is growing at annual rates of 60 percent or more because of the rapid adoption of video and cloud services. Control plane traffic is increasing even more quickly as the Internet moves from serving fixed locations and fairly static information sources to one characterized by personalized, media-rich applications (app), and mobile services. Service providers that are already concerned with data plane scalability must also add control plane scalability to their list of network planning issues.

ACG Research conducted an analysis of the sources of growth in control plane traffic: increases in end-user connections, device types, apps, app policy and control requirements, and mobility management requirements.

This study projects data and control plane traffic growth at a typical packet core node and analyzes the scalability of the SSR 8020 IP service delivery platform and of a competing service router when configured to serve this traffic growth. The study finds that the SSR 8020 has lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by 66 percent and higher scalability by two to more than three times that of the competitor’s service router.

Michael Kennedy

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