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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ACG Research Names Chris Nicoll as Principal Analyst for Its Mobility Practice

ACG continues to expand its coverage areas by recruiting best-in-class subject matter experts
ACG Research announced today the appointment of Chris Nicoll as principal analyst for its mobile service. Chris will lead ACG’s mobility practice services and syndicated programs, which includes mobile infrastructure, service provider WiFi and service provider VoIP services.
"We are extremely excited about Chris joining our team,” says Ray Mota, managing partner. “His rich technology analysis background, commitment to the industry and passion for helping carriers grow make him an ideal fit for ACG Research. And with Chris leading our mobile analysis consulting services, ACG will be on the cutting edge in providing the services to service providers and vendors that help them determine their economic value.”
Chris is a highly respected and experienced industry analyst, consultant conference speaker and panel moderator. Chris provides strategic marketing thought leadership, competitive response and corporate positioning consulting to his clients based on his previous experience working in Strategy, Network Engineering and Public Affairs for US and International network equipment vendor and fixed and mobile operators.
Recently, Chris published ACG’s Q3 Mobile Infrastructure Market report, which showed across the board decreases quarter over quarter but year-over-year market growth across all segments. Total Packet Core was up +19.9% and Mobile IP Edge posted an increase of15.1% y/y. Of all vendors, Cisco and Ericsson were the only vendors to post positive or neutral numbers in all product areas, reinforcing their leadership positions. Chris is working to expand the coverage area in his space. Contact Chris at to discuss your company and to ensure accurate representation in his reports.

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