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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Juniper Networks QFabric: Scaling for the Modern Data Center

The modern data center has undergone substantial changes that have significantly impacted service providers' business operations. IT is now a key strategic asset for differentiation and business success. Service providers face challenges when deciding to upgrade or replace new, emerging technologies that are shaping the next-generation data centers. Traffic flow patterns, the size of data processing and storage operations, and increased scale are impacting data center operations. To meet the challenges, Juniper Networks has introduced QFabric, which addresses the requirements of the modern data center. QFabric does this by delivering any-to-any connectivity, location-independent low latency and services, and orchestration integration, fundamentally simplifying management.

To determine if QFabric does simplify network operations, reduce network latency and congestion, seamlessly integrate with existing network infrastructure and services, and deliver scale without adding cost and complexity, ACG Research conducted a total cost of ownership (TCO) comparison of QFabric versus the market share leader’s network architecture for a mid-scale to large-scale 10GbE data center. It found that QFabric achieves 58% to 76% lower TCO and has more linear scaling of capital expense and operating expense.

Click here to download the ACG Research’s white paper.

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