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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Business Case for Scaling the Next-Generation Network with the Cisco ASR 9000 System

That video makes up the majority (90%) of total consumer IP traffic and is quickly overtaking mobile data traffic is not new information, but the type of equipment that vendors are developing and how they are responding to the video challenge, in some cases, is. With broadband operators demanding that routing solutions address rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements that video is putting on their networks, the pressure is on for vendors to respond.

Cisco has just announced a new routing solution that it claims can cost efficiently scale as traffic grows. Cisco also states that the ASR 9000 System reduces OpEx by as much as 71% and that its virtualized technology reduces TCO by up to 73% over competitive solutions that lack this technology.

To find out if the ASR 9000 System enables service providers to profitably scale networks to support bandwidth-intensive applications ACG Research conducted a business case analysis that compares the cash flow and six-year cumulative total cost of ownership of the Cisco ASR 9000 System with the routing solutions of two leading vendors.

In this business case we examine virtual systems and answer if the Cisco ASR 9000 System and its network virtualization technology achieved TCO when deployed across triple and quad-play access and aggregation networks. We determine if costs associated with router networks are reduced with the system, and we analyze OpEx and CapEx claims.

To read the business case, click here to download the PDF.

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