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Monday, December 20, 2010

Huawei, Chinese Business Culture and the Art of War

A team of telecom industry experts at ACG Research have been deep in it for the past several months. Their assignment, if they chose to accept it? Gain a deep understanding of how Huawei -- the Chinese network equipment behemoth -- operates and its plans for the future. Digging into what makes Huawei run wasn't as easy as reading the latest SEC filings on its financial page, because we're talking the Art of War here, and nothing is as it seems.

The ACG team spent months putting the puzzle together, and ACG founder and managing partner Ray Mota joined us to tear down this wall in a two-part Q&A about Huawei's corporate culture and its plan of attack on the telecom and enterprise networking markets. This is the must-read of the season.

We'll be back in January with part three: Mota's recommendations on what vendors could or should do in the face of the force that is Huawei.

Ray Mota

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