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Friday, February 6, 2015

ACG Research Announces SDN Data Center Research Service

ACG’s data center SDN research explores the key use cases and platform categories SPs are using to enhance their data centers with SDN. These include control plane software running in SDN controllers alongside applications that extend services intelligence with other improvements like SLA monitoring and automatic workload placement optimizing. 

ACG examines overlay virtual networks used in SP SDN data centers, and analyzes the nuances of white box and hybrid physical network nodes so central to how well SPs will realize their efficiency and innovation goals. ACG’s analysis evaluates these platforms in use cases from multitenant cloud to web-scale applications to cross-domain network services, and considers which architectural alternatives and vendor solution offerings have the greatest promise for success in these deployments. 

For more information about Paul Parker-Johnson, click here. 

Paul Parker-Johnson 

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