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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Business Case for Cisco Evolved Services Platform and NFV

New services are driving strong traffic growth as well as creating demand for service personalization and novel consumption pricing models. Network operators usually have built their infrastructures separately by service with purpose-built solutions, creating large, complex networks that can slow service innovation and add cost. This can hinder operators in capturing market opportunities as life cycles for technologies, applications, and services decrease and as OTT and cloud service providers rapidly introduce new services and business models.

Network Function Virtualization, a network operator driven initiative, aims to control costs and accelerate revenue growth by leveraging standard IT virtualization and orchestration technologies to consolidate network equipment functions onto industry-standard high-volume servers, switches and storage.

Cisco Evolved Services Platform provides a comprehensive multivendor NFV solution that is based upon open standards and APIs. It is extensible by offering comprehensive modular capabilities that span the entire network operator architecture: cloud, video, mobile and fixed. It is elastic; it seamlessly and dynamically scales services and resources whenever and wherever they are needed. Cisco’s NFV portfolio has the most extensive set of virtual network functions available on the market. The Cisco solution is offered through four alternative purchasing models that allow operators to fit the NFV solutions to their tolerance for implementation, operational and financial risk.

Two use cases illustrate the breadth of the Cisco Evolved Services Platform and NFV solution: 1) Virtual premium mobile broadband virtualizes all elements of a secure, reliable, and private mobile Internet system; 2) multiscreen cloud DVR provides a multiscreen cloud DVR alternative to physical DVRs located in the home. 

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